Speaker Series

PTSO Speaker Series

Topic: College Admissions: Essential Questions (and answers)

Date: Thursday, September 14th @ 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Location: BHS Little Theater

Audience: Parents and students who are preparing for the college application process. All grades levels are encouraged to attend.

Take Away: What questions should every applicant be asking when preparing for college? We'll unpack topics of college fit, admissions strategies, and college affordability by knowing how to ask the right questions, both of yourself, as well as the schools on your college list.

Presenter: Rachel Katzman, Founder of Katzman Advising, a local private practice specializing in college admissions.

www.katzmanadvising.com | info@katzmanadvising.com

Topic: How college financial aid process works and strategies to help a family reduce their out-of-pocket cost.

Date: Tuesday, 10/3 @ 6:30 PM

Location: BHS Little Theater

Audience: Workshop will be geared toward current freshmen and sophomore students.

Take Away:

  1. How the financial aid system really works.
  2. What their family needs to do and when in order to maximize their financial aid.
  3. How the financial aid system assesses each aspect of their family’s profile when determining how much they can pay toward the cost of college

Remember: Procrastination equals less financial aid. All schools are not alike, so it is important to know your options and opportunities.

Presenter: Donald P. Anderson

Don Anderson has been working with college strategies since 1990. His first association with College Funding Advisors was as a client. Don joined College Funding Advisors after successfully guiding his three children through the financial aid process over an eleven year period.

Don’s oldest son got his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Tufts University and subsequently completed a three-year graduate program in bio-chemical engineering at Tufts. He is currently a bio-chemical researcher/process engineer. His daughter graduated from Yale University, completed her PhD in education at UCLA and is currently teaching at the University of Southern California. His youngest son, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, obtained his law degree at Temple University, worked at Johns Hopkins as a medical ethics attorney and is currently a senior fellow at the Temple Law School while completing his doctorate in Public Health. Don’s wife was a college English teacher and currently works as a high school tutor.

Don received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Northeastern University and his MBA in Management from Syracuse University. Prior to joining College Funding Advisors, Don worked as an analyst and computer systems manager for various international businesses and manufacturing firms. He now lectures extensively throughout the greater Boston area on his experience and insights in the financial aid system and enjoys guiding families through the college financial process.

Topic: With near daily news stories about sexual assaults, especially on college campuses, the Belmont High School PTSO and the Belmont Woman’s Club have organized a panel of experts to talk about the legal, social, and health aspects of sexual assault and other forms of sex discrimination that occur in connection with education.


Annie Lewis-O’Connor, PhD, MPH, NP-BC

Instructor, Harvard Medical School
Director, C.A.R.E Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospital;
Research Associate, Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology

Wendy Murphy, JD

Director, Women’s and Children’s Advocacy
Project, Center for Law and Social Responsibility
Adjunct Professor of sexual violence law at New England Law|Boston

Ben Atherton-Zeman

Presenter on anti-violence and masculinity, whose work has been performed in 46 states

Learn about steps to staying organized. Discover several tools and strategies students can use right away to help promote the development of organizational skills. Gain a clearer picture of how to help your children achieve success and become more independent learners. We will discuss study habits and time management skills that students will carry with them into college and future careers. It is important to try to make sure that the habits students are forming now are productive, efficient, and personalized. However, while each student may have a different learning style, there are study skills that are essential to every student's success.

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