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Professional Development for BPS Staff

We are pleased to present the Belmont Public school Professional Development web pages.  Providing high quality professional development is critical to supporting your professional growth and development.  The BPS professional development program is supported through three primary means: 

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Assistant of Superintendent - Janice Darias

Office of the Assistant Superintendent - Artemis Tingos

  • Professional Development meetings - (faculty, department and curriculum meetings) led by Principals, Directors and Curriculum Specialists focusing on district, school and program goals; 
  • Professional Learning Teams - educators working together on a targeted area of need to improve learning for all students; and 
  • Professional Development courses, seminars, workshops, and study groups - led by BPS educators, outside experts, and partner organizations. 

As you plan your professional development for the year, it is our hope that these workshops and opportunities will support your Professional Practice and Student Learning Goals as well as your ongoing learning and growth.

Professional Development Opportunities

Funding for EDCO courses is limited. Please do not register online. If you would like to register for a course, please email Artemis Tingos.  She will register you with EDCO and you will be billed directly at the member rate.

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