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Admission to the Belmont Public Schools

• Online Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year opens January 24, 2019 •

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Elementary Registration (Grades K-4)

Per Massachusetts General Law, only students residing with a parent or legal guardian in the Town of Belmont are eligible to attend the Belmont Public Schools when they are age appropriate. Please note possessing guardianship in and of itself does not allow a child to enroll in Belmont Public Schools and requires review and Superintendent approval

Elementary School Requirements

  • To enter Kindergarten, the child must be five years old on or before September 1st of the year they will attend school.
  • To enter Grade 1, the child must be six years old on or before September 1st of the year they will attend school.
  • The child must live in the town of Belmont with a parent or legal guardian. Residency will be verified before enrollment. Please see the residency requirements in the Residency Verification Form.
  • The child must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.

Elementary School Required Documents

After submitting the online registration, parent or legal guardian (identification of parents or legal guardians is required), must complete the registration at their district school (Elementary School Street Districts). The following original documents must be submitted to your district school’s office between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m:

  • Residency Verification Form
  • Student Health History Form
  • proof of residency (as noted in Residency Verification Form),
  • original health records (including physical exam taken place within one year and proof of immunization),
  • birth certificate/passport,
  • official transcripts,
  • MCAS scores (if transferring from a public school in Massachusetts)
  • government-issued photo identification of parents or legal guardians  

All documents not in English must be translated into English by a certified translator.

Kindergarten Tuition & Payment Information

The Kindergarten tuition for the 2018-2019 school year will be $3,500. There is no household cap for full day kindergarten tuition. The cost per child enrolled in the program is $3,500.

Belmont Public Schools offers partial or full tuition waivers.

Any parent/guardian interested in requesting a tuition waiver must do so by filling out the Fee Waiver Form found here.Waivers are granted based on household size and income.

Please see Fee Waiver Information page for details.

School Bus Information

Information on School Bus Transportation and the Registration Process is available here.

School Assignment and Placement

Due to recent increases in enrollment, a student may be assigned to a school other than his/her own district to maintain the lowest possible class sizes in all four elementary schools.  Every effort is made to keep families in their district school. Please read the Superintendent's letter regarding Elementary District Placement Guidelines

Steps for Registration

  1. Submit your online registration by clicking on your district school below. Elementary registration is completed at your district school. Verify this in the Elementary School Street Districts document. Note to Kindergarten Registrations: Belmont offers a full-time, fee-based kindergarten program. Parents/guardians may opt for a cost-free, part-time morning program of three hours and fifteen minutes. Please select KP for Kindergarten Part-Time or KF for Kindergarten Full-Time (see Tuition Payment section above).
  2. Within 5 business days of submitting the online registration, parents/guardians will receive a link to additional required documents to be completed online. 
  3. Parents/guardians will then receive a link to the Residency Verification Form and the Student Health History Form. These forms cannot be completed online. Please print and complete both forms and bring to your school’s office along with the documents listed in the Elementary School Required Documents. Our school offices work from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Please begin your K-4 online registration here for NEW students to Belmont Public Schools:

Note: students currently attending BPS schools do not need to re-register.

  • Registering your child who PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED the Belmont Public Schools, and is now returning: START HERE
  • Online Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year opens January 24, 2019.
  • Registering your child for 2018-2019 School Year, select your district school:

Please contact your school if you have questions regarding registration in the Belmont Public Schools. 

Town of Belmont Contact Information 

  • Town of Belmont Census: This can be obtained at the Town Clerk’s Office located at Belmont Town Hall, 455 Concord Avenue 
  • Belmont Municipal Light Bill: The document should include resident’s name and “turn on date”. If you have recently moved to Belmont, and have not received a bill please contact the Belmont Municipal Light Department and request a letter or “Light Order” stating you have signed up for an electric account and are a current resident at the Belmont address. Belmont Light can be reached at 617-993-2800.

Health Care Guidelines

All students entering Belmont High School must meet the immunization requirements set up by Chapter 76, Section 15 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. Proof of immunization must be presented to the school nurse when registering for school. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in exclusion from school. For more information visit the Belmont Public Schools Health and Nursing Department website.

Each School has a Health Clinic operated by a registered nurse whose time may be shared with other schools should the need arise.  When a student becomes ill at school, a parent or guardian will be notified and expected to pick up the student as soon as possible.  Each parent or guardian is asked to provide the school with the names of two (2) alternate persons who may be contacted in the event that a parent/guardian cannot be reached. Persons listed must be local and have access to transportation.  Please advise the school office when any name or number changes.

Complete information with regard to required immunizations and physical examinations, medication administration during the school day and when a child should be kept home due to illness, etc. can be found on the Belmont Public Schools Health and Nursing Department website.

Kindergarten Registration FAQ

Q:What are the Residency and Age Requirements?

  • The child must live in the town of Belmont. Residency will be verified before enrollment. 
  • The child must be five years old on or before September 1 of the year they will attend school. 
  • Parents must complete the Residency Verification Form

Q:What Kindergarten Programs Are Offered?

Belmont offers a full-day, fee-based kindergarten program; parents may opt for a cost-free morning program of three hours and fifteen minutes. The Belmont Public Schools early childhood programs encompass a broad range of developmentally-appropriate learning activities.

Q:Which School Do I Apply To?

Q:What is Kindergarten Intake Screening?

Kindergarten screening is a brief check of all kindergarten children in the areas of: personal and social development, speech and language skills, eye/hand coordination small and large muscle control, and hearing and vision.

Q:Where Can I Find Bus Information?

Bus information will be sent in June to parents/guardians who have completed the registration process and have received their school assignments. If you do not receive this information by June 15th, please contact the Belmont Public Schools Business Office at or visit the Business Office page of the website for additional busing information and Frequently Asked Questions for the 2018-2019 school year.

Q:How Much is Tuition And What Are My Payment Options?

The full day kindergarten tuition for the 2018-2019 school year is $3,500. Parents who have completed the registration process may use their child’s Unique ID to make online tuition payments through MCC via credit card or online bank check as of June 11th. 

You may pay your child’s tuition in full or make quarterly payments according to the following schedule:

  • July 1st
  • October 1st 
  • January 1st
  • April 1st

There is no family cap regarding the number of students per household attending the full day kindergarten program. The cost per child is $3,500. Financial waivers are available and granted based on household size and income. Additionally, financial waivers are available and granted based on household size and income. To request a waiver, fill out the Fee Waiver Form found here. Forward the completed form and a copy of last year’s federal tax return (Form 1040) to:

Belmont Public Schools
C/O Business Office
644 Pleasant Street
 Belmont, MA 02478

You may also fax your paperwork to 617-993-5439. For security reasons, please do not email your tax information to the Business Office. Waivers will be reviewed confidentially.

* The Belmont Public Schools is not in the position to provide legal or tax advice. However, please be advised that we have been notified by School Counsel that full day kindergarten tuition is not eligible for child care/dependent care expenses and it is not eligible for any beneficial tax treatment.

Q:How Can I Get Additional Program Information?

Each school will hold a Kindergarten Parent Information Night, TBD for 2019-2020 school year.

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