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Fee Waiver Guidelines for 2017-2018

Fee waivers will be granted based on the household size and income limits listed below. In addition, the fee may be waived, in part or in whole, if a family is experiencing exigent circumstances such as an unforeseen medical problem, change in family status, change in employment for one or both parents, or other emergencies.  This type of waiver request may require a discussion with the Superintendent. 

School Programs Waiver

These guidelines are for the Belmont Public Schools programs noted below. The guidelines do not pertain to free and reduced lunch eligibility. Free and Reduced Price for school meals information is available here.

Along with your registration form or letter requesting a fee waiver, please submit a copy of your latest IRS 1040 tax return to the department or school associated with the fee. 

  • Athletics: Athletics Department, 221 Concord Ave. 
  • Fine and Performing Arts and Instrumental Music: Fine Arts Department, 221 Concord Ave. 
  • Saturday Morning Music School and All Town Chorus: Fine Arts Department, 221 Concord Ave 
  • High School Activities: BHS Office, 221 Concord Ave. 
  • Chenery Activities: Chenery Office, 95 Washington Street

Kindergarten Tuition Waiver 

The Belmont Public Schools offers partial or full tuition waivers. Any parent/guardian interested in requesting a tuition waiver must do so by emailing or by clicking here. Once received, the Business Office will send you a waiver form, which needs to be returned along with a copy of last year’s tax return via fax at (617) 993-5439, or by regular mail to:
Belmont Public Schools - C/O Business Office
644 Pleasant Street Belmont, MA 02478 

Full or partial waivers will be granted based on household size and income. Sliding Fee Scale for FY 2017-18 will be posted on this website.

For any portion of the full day kindergarten fee paid, please note: 

* The Belmont Public Schools is not in the position to provide legal or tax advice. However, please be advised that we have been notified by School Counsel that full day kindergarten tuition is not eligible for child care/dependent care expenses and it is not eligible for any beneficial tax treatment.

Bus Transportation Waiver 

Financial waivers are granted based on household size and income. To request a waiver, fill out the Fee Waiver Application found here. You may send the completed form with a copy of last year’s federal tax return (Form 1040) to:  

Belmont Public Schools
C/O Business Office - Busing
644 Pleasant Street
Belmont, MA 02478

You may also fax your paperwork to 617-993-5439. For security reasons, please do not email your tax information to the Business Office. Waivers will be reviewed confidentially.

Fee Waiver Scale for 2016-2017
Household Size Free 50% of State Median Income 85% of State Median Income 100% of State Median Income Over 100% of State Median Income
2 30,321 36,096 61,363 72,192 over 72,192
3 38,349 44,592 75,806 89,184 over 89,184
4 45,656 53,088 90,250 106,176 over 106,176
5 54,189 61,578 104,683 123,156 over 123,156
6 61,665 70,074 119,126 140,148 over 140,148
7 63,064 71,664 121,829 143,328 over 143,328
8 64,469 73,260 124,545 146,520 over 146,520
9 65,868 74,850 127,245 149,700 over 149,700
% of Fee to be Paid 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Instrumental Music Program Fee for a student in grades 3-5
  FREE $62.50 $125 $187.50 $250
BHS Fine and Performing Arts Fee for one child
  FREE $68.75 $137.50 $206.25 $275
BHS Athletic Fee for one child
 1st Season Enrolled FREE $112.50 $225 $337.50 $450
2nd Season Enrolled FREE $75 $150 $225 $300
3rd Season Enrolled FREE $37.50 $75 $112.50 $150
BHS Activities Fee for one child
  FREE $25 $50 $75 $100
Chenery Middle School Fine Arts, Athletics and Activities Fee for one child
  FREE $37.50 $75 $112.50 $150
  FREE $143.75 $287.50 $431.25 $575
Grade 8 Washington DC Trip
  FREE $222.25 $444.50 $666.75 $889

*Please note income includes: earnings from work before deductions, welfare, child support, alimony, pensions, retirement, social security, and other miscellaneous income.

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