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Junior Districts and All-State Festival

This month, the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) held auditions for their annual All-State Festival, as well as for the MMEA Northeast Junior District Festival. 

The All-State Festival honors the highest achieving high-school musicians in the state and invites them to perform in the All-State band, chorus orchestra and jazz ensemble. During the three-day festival at Boston’s Seaport convention center, these students are engaged in intense rehearsals with nationally renowned directors. This year, ten students from Belmont High School were selected to perform in the festival.

The Junior District Festival honors our younger students, selecting the most outstanding musicians in Grades 7-9 throughout northeastern Massachusetts. Students will have the opportunity to perform in the honor band, chorus, orchestra or jazz ensemble under the direction of high-profile conductors during the three day festival at Lowell High School in April. This year, fifty-nine students from CMS and BHS were selected to participate.

Please join us in congratulating the following students on their achievements:

BHS – Junior Districts

Naomi Arsenault               oboe
Belle Carbeck                    chorus
Elana Chen                         flute
Miriam Cubstead              chorus
Caleb Harris                       cello
Wan Young Jang               euphonium
Owen Loveluck                 cello
Andrew Mazzone              string bass
Linnea Metelmann           French horn
Georgia Sundahl               chorus
Evan Wagner                     trumpet, jazz ensemble

CMS – Junior Districts

Idris Abercrombie             trombone
Jason Ackerson                 trombone
Zoe Armstrong                  chorus
Hoon Baeg                         cello
Renuka Balakrishnan       chorus
Christina Cahaly                chorus
Jackson Carter                  cello
Aristotelis Chaniotakis     chorus
Jonah Covell                      cello
Phoebe Derba                   string bass
Justin Dong                        clarinet
Garrett Eagar                    trombone
Valentina Garcia-Martinez     chorus
Chris Giron                         bassoon
Rachel Hong                      chorus
Jackie Jiang                        flute
Ethan Jin                             trumpet
Nate Jones                         trombone
Brandon Kim                      violin
Isabelle Kim                       violin
Madeline Kitch                  chorus
Daniel Klingbeil                 cello
Edward Lee                        chorus
Luna Lee                             chorus
Parker Lutz                         chorus
Philip Lynch                        trumpet
Clare Martin                      alto saxophone
Abby Mohr                         chorus
Viola Monovitch               guitar , jazz ensemble
Alex Park                            trumpet
Chloe Park                          trumpet
Audrey Quinn                     violin
Kate Sandage                    clarinet
Annalise Schlaug               cello
Lila Searls                           alto saxophone
Eric Shen                             violin
Aarya Tavshikar                bassoon
Mayura Thomas                chorus
Joshua Wan                       trumpet
Alex Wilk                            viola
Naina Woker                     chorus
Yanzhe Xu                           clarinet
Abby Yu                               chorus
Lara Zeng                           violin
Isabelle Zheng                   cello
Tiancheng Zheng              clarinet

BHS – All-State  (10)

Devon Carter                     chorus
Lucas Cmok-Kehoe          chorus
Andrew Eurdolian             oboe
Eunice Lee                          flute
Hannah Messenger          French horn
Zoe Miner                           chorus
Connor Quinn                    chorus
Hannah Read                     flute
Jack Stone                          bass trombone
Thomas Zembowicz         chorus


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