Belmont High School

Announcements June 20, 2018

Election Results 2018 - 2019

Student Advisors to the School Committee

Harlan (Nico) Carere, Phoebe Gray, Lilah Isenberg, Grace Kane, Ally Kolb

State Student Advisory Council

Madeline Kitch, Lila Newberry

Class of 2021

President Edward Lee, Vice President Tor Metelmann, Secretary Phoebe Gray, Treasurer Laura Jansen, Historian Robert Sheng

Student Senate

Mary-Clare Booth, Katarina Chen, Alexander Fick, Grace Kane, Rachel November

Class of 2020

President Caroline Findlay, Vice President Chloe Park, Secretary Anna Biondo and Ilana Gut,

Treasurer Matthew Brady, Historian Kate Devitt

Student Senate

Matthew Brody, Ella Miller, Olivia Zarzycki, Lila Newberry, William Thomas

Class of 2019

President Brendan Hill, Vice President Shrinidhi Kaushik, Secretary Jess Giorgio, Treasurer Jake Herlihy, Assistant Treasurer Lindsay Gaziano, Historian Matthew Wu 

Student Senate

Ben Kargere, Callie Morris, Lulu November, Alexander ParkLara Zeng


Students enrolled in AP Physics for next year please stop by room 115 and pick up a textbook and summer assignment from Mr. Loosmann.

AP Environmental Science 

If you are taking AP Environmental Science next year see Ms. Partridge for the textbook and summer assignment in room 216

Neurobiology or Zoology

If you are taking Neurobiology or Zoology next year, see the district website or Ms. Williams for your summer assignment in room 215

AP Bio

If you are taking AP Bio next year, be sure to stop by room 214 during finals week to pick up a textbook and your summer assignment.

AP Chemistry

Students enrolled in AP Chemistry next year should pick up a textbook and summer assignment from Mr. Abruzzese in Room 225 before the end of the school year.

AP Computer Science

If you are taking AP Computer Science next year, stop by room 117 to pick up your summer assignment.


Summer Assignments posted online

All Summer Assignments and reading lists are posted online here: Summer Reading

Final Exam Schedule


The Final Exam schedule is now posted outside of the Main office in glass cases on the wall.

IMPROV - June 15

Friday, June 15th, the Performing Arts Company will be hosting an Improv show from 11-11:45 in the Little Theater. All students and staff are invited to come take a study break from exams, or unwind at the end of the year with some of our favorite improv games, completely made up based on your suggestions.

Marauders of the Week

It’s time to announce the new Marauders of the Week!  Congratulations to juniors Lindsay Vuong and Jess Giorgio, whose profiles will be posted by the office bulletin board and published in the local newspapers. This is the last time for this school year that we’ll be recognizing Marauders of the Week, but we’ll be back in the fall with all new student profiles.  Thank you to the Highpoint staff for making this recognition program possible, and congratulations again to Jess and Lindsay!

Community Service 

A long list of summer opportunities was sent to all students' school emails on Friday. 

Presidential Awards Pick-Up

If you did not attend the celebration yesterday, please pick up your awards from Ms. Melnikoff today. 


Any student who brought a yearbooks can pick them up in the Main Office only between 10 am and 2 pm only during a free mod. No late passes to class will be given.

Marauder Neckties

Marauder Neckties are now on sale in the main office.  Cost $20.00 per necktie


In an effort in keeping BHS a safe and secure school, please do not open or wedge doors during the school day. All doors, except a main entrance lobby door, are locked at 8:15 am. After 8:15 am, students should only use the main lobby door to enter and exit the building. Please do not use any other doors during the school day. At the beginning and end of the school day, students may use any of the outside doors to enter and exit the building.


All items in Lost & Found will be donated to charity on June 20, 2018. If you think you have lost something check the Lost & Found. Also, all items left in lockers and/or classrooms at the end of school will be donated to charity over the summer.


This is a reminder, in your account, You will receive a link to the BHS student handbook.  Please acknowledge that you have read the handbook.


Students are reminded that all vehicles parked in the school parking lot are required to have a parking permit. Parking permits are issued through the main office. In addition, students may only park in the designated student parking area marked by the white lines. Students may not park in the teacher lot marked by the yellow lines. Students parking in the teacher lot will be subject to consequences.


Senior open campus and parking permit applications are available for eligible students. Stop by the main office between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm for application(s).


Students and Staff should be reminded to LOCK their bikes on the bike racks. We have observed numerous bikes not locked.


There have been many reports of student cutting thru resident’s back yards and crossing the railroad tracks to get to the High School.  This is considered trespassing and the Belmont Police and MBTA police will be patrolling the area and if caught trespassing laws may be enforced.

Crossing the Commuter Rail tracks is not only highly dangerous but is also considered trespassing. Trespassers are subject to substantial fines and arrest by MBTA Police and Belmont Police.


New to the school in common areas are recycling barrels for beverages. Screw all caps back on before recycling. Blue bins are for paper and Green bins are for plastic, aluminum or glass.


Students are encouraged to lock the lock on their lockers. If you are having trouble with your lock/locker please see Mrs. Ouellette in the main office.

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