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available time slots
  Teachers by Last Name Department Room number
Mark  Abruzzese Science 225
Jennifer  Aller Math Mezz C
Arto  Asadoorian Fine and Performing Arts 143
Sarkis  Asadoorian Physical Education Mod 2
Elizabeth  Baker Science 220
Eric  Berkman Social Studies Mod 4
Martha  Bloom English Language Arts 103
Roanne  Bosch English Language Arts 102
Julia  Brown Foreign Language 210
James  Brown Guidance 144A
Gregory  Bruce Special Education 125
Michael  Bruno Special Education 145
Lisa  Carlivati Math 234
Risa  Carp English Language Arts 111
Bonnie  Chen Science 217
Yu-Chen  Chung Swallom Foreign Language 204
Kristin  Comment English Language Arts 242
Deborah  Dashoff Social Studies 136
Lindsey  DeFarias Science 224
Benjamin  DeLorio Math 232
Nicole  DiFonte Social Studies Mod 1
Brian  Dunn Foreign Language 207
Marianne  Elefant Math 229
Lauren  Elefteriadis Special Education 146
Allison  Elfreth Science 214
Rebecca  El-Gamel Foreign Language 201
Danette  English Fine and Performing Arts 247
Zachary  English Foreign Language 205
Anne-Marie  Fant English Language Arts 113
Ezra  Flam Fine and Performing Arts 143
Colleen  Foley Foreign Language Department Office
Gabrielle  Garschina-Bobrow Foreign Language 206
Scott  Giusti Physical Education
Joshua  Goldfine Social Studies 133
Lauren  Grossi Math 213
Mu Qing  Gu Foreign Language 208
Anna  Guastella English Language Arts 101
Patricia  Harper Math 230
Christine  John Science 114
Jacqueline  Kaiser Foreign Language 209
Paul  Ketchen Fine and Performing Arts 143
Julie  Kim Science 120
Brittany  King Guidance 129G
Laura  Kirsten Special Education 137
Sean  Landers Fine and Performing Arts 143
Catherine  Larkin Fine and Performing Arts 245
Marc  Lefebvre Science 116
Tawnya  Lewis Science 212
Tracie  Lockwood-Santiago English Language Arts 108
John  Loosmann Science 115
Jacqueline  Lovett Math 239
Leslie  MacIntosh Foreign Language 203
Emily  MacNow Special Education 124B
Stacie  Marino Physical Education 221A
Nathaniel  Markley English Language Arts 104
Kimberly  Masterson English Language Arts 107
Kathryn  McCabe Social Studies 132
Erin  McCarthy Special Education 145
Deborah  McDevitt Social Studies 140
Kathryn  McLeod Science 117
Alice  Melnikoff Social Studies 139
Mark  Milowsky Fine and Performing Arts 243
Daniel  Moresco Math 233
Clare  Murphy ELL 138
Sonia  Neuburger Science 223
Elizabeth  O'Connor Physical Education 221B
Mark  Olowinski Math 236
Craig  Paczkowski Guidance 129A
Patricia  Partridge Science 216
Heidi  Pasternak Social Studies 140
Christina  Phillips Math 240
Rachel  Porter Foreign Language 211
Kelly  Prevost Social Studies 134
Heather  Pritchard Social Studies 112
Jessica  Pulido Math 235
Margot  Reavey Fine and Performing Arts 143
Mark  Reynolds English Language Arts 105
Joseph  Reynolds Physical Education Mod 3
Lindsey  Rinder English Language Arts Department Office
Stacie  Ross Guidance 129F
Maria  Rothenberg English Language Arts 106
Andrew  Roy Fine and Performing Arts 241
Matthew  Ruane Guidance 129B
Seema  Shah Math 231
Jamie  Shea Social Studies AP Conf. Room
Jeffrey  Shea Social Studies 135
Julia  Snell Math 234
Amanda  Snow Social Studies 130
Patty  Soliozy Math 237
Joshua  Streit Social Studies Mod 5
Leslie  Sullivan Foreign Language Mod 6
John  Sullivan Special Education 144B
Adrienne  Talamas Foreign Language 202
Emily  Taylor Guidance 129G
Eileen  White Social Studies 131
Stacy  Williams Science 215
Solmaaz  Yazdiha English Language Arts 110
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